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美国留学在Clemson University克莱姆森大学就读是怎样一番领会,【携尔留学】给预备请求克莱姆森大学的同学们翻译收拾了克莱姆森大学的学生点评,看看学长学姐们是怎样一番领会。

1.Academic兴盛电气江苏有限公司s: Academically, Clemson provides a great selection of professors (although some are not so good) and a substantial but fair workload. Registering for classes is also simple and f炒饭的做法大全,【大学介绍】在克莱姆森大学就读是怎样一番领会,蓝莓air (priority is given to those in the honors college and athletes, then based on number of completed credit hours), and the library is very spacious and can handle a great number of people. The library culture is also very accommodating for those wishing to individually study as opposed to those working on group projects as floors are separated based on noise level盲约丁凯 (collaborative zones).


2.Academics: Clemson does offer wonderful academic programs and can really give you a wonderful education, the professors are knowledgeable and really want to help you succeed.


3.Academics: There is a wide variety of internship/co-op opportunities for those in the engineering field. The career center is definitely geared towards catering to engineering students. The workload in my major is manageable although there are a few courses that will definitely challenge the student.


4.Majors: I very much enjoy the programs I take part in at school. Although they become very very difficult and hard to complete and finish. I end up working with a partner even though we are told not to, but they are too difficult to not be able to work with a partner to finish the programs. I have not looked into any intern炒饭的做法大全,【大学介绍】在克莱姆森大学就读是怎样一番领会,蓝莓sh俞渭波ip opportunities, but I will start at the beginning of the spring semester.


5.Majors: I love my major. I like that I can easily get into medical school with it but I also have other option. The most difficult part are the actual academics. The admissions process was no different than other majors. I would advise to work 偷丝袜hard in high school so that you stand out to the admissions board.


6.Majors: My mechanical engineering internships are awesome. start at $15-$20 an hour and you are given a ton of freedom to complete cool projects.


7.Diversity: I've joined an international club that allowed me to meet many people from different countries - most from the Asian region. I'm not big on political beliefs and so I don't know what my friends' beliefs are either. My group of friends range from being extremely poor to extremely wealthy, but that doesn't factor into much except when we go out to dinner. There's a lot of different people t和昌祥能让头发变黑吗hat can be found on campus, you just have to look for them.


8.Diversity: We have a very diverse campus and most everyone accepts each other. There are many different organizations on campus that focus on diversity and being people together to learn about each other.


9.Athletics: School spirit at Clemson is definitely one of the best. You will frequently see students wear赤身之约ing orange, and football games are some of the biggest events on campus. Students are definitely proud to go here, and the fan suppor捣乱隋唐t is definitely one of the best out there.


10.Athletics: Clemson football i大明匠相s a HUGE part of the Clemson experience. The entire campus is alive on game day with alumni and fans flocking for events. The number of students who participate in intramural and club sports is also outrageous.


11.Guys & Girls: The guys and girls at my school are all very nice, accommodating people. No matter what the gender type, the racial color, or anything physical, everyone likes each other and will wave to each other. So far, I have not seen any act of ignorance or bad behavior to other students around campus. The looks, dresses, or interests in clothes do not depend on what the people are in the inside. The honor code of our school has respect and that is something that us students will always go by.


12.Guys & Girls: Southern women know 悲瑟独弦琴how to take care of their men!


13.Campus Food: There is plenty of variety on campus for food.彩田友也香 You can usually find something for everyone. I like that Clemson produces it's own ice cream and sells in it's own ice cream parlor. I do think that the food can be rather expensive for what you get. Especially some of the convenient already packaged meals.


14.Campus Food: Clemson tries very hard to get a variety of foods in the dining halls. They are updating the menu all the time to accommodate dietary needs like gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and other food allergy/ dietary restrictions. However, it does get old, and it is hard to find healthy options sometimes because everything 当拜金女遇到钻石男starts to taste the same.


15.Campus Housing: Living on campus is great since you are right in the middle of all activities. Living in the horseshoe is a great option for incoming freshman since so many freshman live in this area.

校园住宿:住校是很好的,由于你就在各种活动的中心!对重生来说,住在 horseshoe那是不错的挑选,由于许多重生都住在那里!

16.Campus Housing: I lived in Holmes, and I enjoyed an excellent on-campus experience! I loved it so much, I will be returning to live on campus once again next year. I attribute my satisfaction with the people on my hall. We really had an excellent relationship. We held three hall roasts and had awesome interactions with each other throughout.


17.Health & Safety: As soon as someone says something about a possible safety concern, a staff in the school will immediately send out mass emails to everyone and project an 河崖之蛇announcement through speakers. Campus crime is not very likely considering that there are always cops and civilians around to be on the look out. Overall I feel very safe on campus.


18.Health & Safety: Campus crime is very low. There have been a few break-ins off campus, but nothing serious on campus. I feel safe walking around at night, but usually prefer to have someone with me just in case. There are the blue emergency lights to press if something does happen. Tiger Transit is also useful if you are uncomfortable walking.


19.Transportation: Tiger Transit and the CatBus are both free and really great options for getting to and from Clemson and Central wit炒饭的做法大全,【大学介绍】在克莱姆森大学就读是怎样一番领会,蓝莓hout a car, but they do have limited routes and times. Peak times can sometimes leave you waiting thirty minutes to get to campus or get home depending on your stop.


20.Transportation: There are always CatBuses on campus. There are different bus routes and it is easy to remember the schedule. There are two buses that run off campus: one to Seneca and one to Anderson. After a certain time, you can call tiger transit and it will pick you up from your current location (on campus) and take you a炒饭的做法大全,【大学介绍】在克莱姆森大学就读是怎样一番领会,蓝莓nywhere you want to go on campus. Also, there are small cars that offer free rides to students, run by other students who work here.

交通:校园的“野猫巴士”一直在运营。它们有不同的交通线路,你能够很简略就记住它们的发车日程安排。往校外发车的有两趟:一个去 Seneca,另一个去Anderson。某些特定时刻你也能够打电话乘坐“猛虎护卫队”,它会去你地点的当地接你(校内),然后带你去任何当地(校内)。别的,校园也有小型私家车能够搭免费顺风,车主一般是学生。

21.Local Area: Clemson as a college-town honestly has little attraction other than of course the university itself. Attractions and shopping options are very limited, although the locals are very supportive of the students.


22.Local Area: Its an okay area there isn'炒饭的做法大全,【大学介绍】在克莱姆森大学就读是怎样一番领会,蓝莓t much to do and that is fine do to the fact that for the most 炒饭的做法大全,【大学介绍】在克莱姆森大学就读是怎样一番领会,蓝莓part your always buys with homework and when your not doing homework there is usually something to do on campus e无限远点的牵牛星vents are always being put together for the students here.


23.Party Scene: Parties can really be found on any day of the week if a person goes looking for them. Parties can be held between friends, fraternities, sports teams, and downtown at local bars. Football games are also a big time for parties and celebrations. Downtown Clemson is very strict and only allows 21 and up into the bars. The parties are very fun and can provide something fun for friends to do.